I wish it was a better scenario, but I have done the best I can given these circumstances. *pause to think. As a message about the end of an old year and the beginning of a new year, I feel it does serve well to describe what is going on now in society.

Politically, the liberals, with J.T. as leader, have a stranglehold on the Canadian people. It seems as though his personal and financial connections are influencing his choices and they are creating a narrative using powerful mass media forces of fear for safety from disease and illness.

Financially, the corporations have taken over all human activity, and most recently the medical system, which is claiming responsibility for health care. In one of their business plans, it was outlined how to create a dependency upon pharma-solutions taken from nature, these scientific duplicates were patented for profit. Through their marketing and sales of man-made medicine, they have created a people weak with anxiety, depression and fear. They have the solution though in their Pharmaceuticals. They are making big money because they are getting paid by insurance, government and the people who are addicted to drugs and weak with fear and self loathing.

Socially, mass media is openly being used to spread propaganda and fear of illness and death causing viruses. A new and deadly biological weapon has been released into society, so the narrative is telling the people. It is deadly for elderly, the weak and unhealthy people, the rest may indeed feel sick, but survival is very good. Then the big Pharma-corporations miraculously create an injection, they are calling a vaccination, that will protect you from possible death and certain illness from this coronavirus. Using mass media, the authorities encourage everyone to take this new medicine that will save them from getting ill or maybe dying from this virus. The people do, I understand that the percentage of people who have been vaccinated, as they are calling it, is over 80%! Now they want our children to take the injection too, and parents are giving their children this experimental medical procedure that is quick and easy, just a prick in the arm, there you go, all better now.

Culturally, using mass media, medical authorities are being backed by the government and their military to shape and tell the people what they can and cannot do. Commerce and institutions are becoming controlled by health and safety officials, who are spreading fear and division among the people.

There seems to be another group of people who are not listening to this narrative and not willing to take the jab, as they are calling it, and are choosing to not be afraid of illness and are keeping their own immunity system intact. I stand in this group, plus more.

I am not creating opposite sides, one group against another. I still see us all as one, sister and brother living for love in peace. We are thankful for the abundance of our land and people. In this stance of unity I am inspired to up my game. This social upheaval is transforming me into a spiritual leader and builder of alternative, intentional community living outside of this spirit of greed and fear. We claim our personal sovereignty and choose to live together in Love. Servants of Love, we offer alternative and high quality mental health services that are new, cutting edge knowledge in psychology, development and healthy living in abundance.

That is a description of 2021 and my interface with society at this time. Looking forward towards this new year, I envision transformation, growth and development of both myself and our community. Each of us who are involved in this transformative energy are changing for the better, but make no mistake, not all people are moving towards personal and collective transformation.

This year I make a stand for freedom, unity and Love. In honour of our ancestors who went to war for what they believed, I will make a stand for those hard won freedoms. My stance is civil disobedience, as demonstrated by Gandhi and Luther when their societies needed change. I am a sovereign being, able to offer people in my community alternative mental health services. People value these services and offer gifts to support the community offering these services. Building trust, using respect and practicing generosity we share in the abundance of this land, aware that we are intentionally creating space for mental health, emotional well being and spiritual growth.

I am a family man, with two children, one 30 an adult now, the other seven, so as I walk away from society as given by the authorities, a culture of greed and fear, and move towards a new (again), culture of abundance and love, I need to incorporate our children and their education and entrance into adulthood.

This is the year we start a school for our kids that is not teaching our children how to be good consumers and how to get into the rat race. Instead, we will teach our kids how to become good people, living in unity and respecting the land, each other and our natural, divine gifts. Human potential will be our goal in this new education system, which will not be in place as a holding space and training ground as we, the adults, work in and for the machine. Education is important and this year, 2022, we will focus on reclaiming our children through the schools we use and support.

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