So afterwards, as I was thinking about what I presented, what the people there asked and experienced in regards to their purpose, I came up with this word diagram. I will now address it verbally, in writing. I will do this by talking about the word diagram. Not paying any attention to how this came to me. That process is only interesting to me really. The juice here is what can we further understand about our purpose.

You can have a lot of purposes, or you can have a great single one. Everything in between occurs, and now I understand that I do have more than one purpose. I have some small ones, some medium ones, and no big ones, as far as I can see yet. I am being proactive towards the bigger ones still. Maybe in my youth I was not using my will this way. I will now act with persistence, and patience; I continue to learn about and discover more expressions of my inner gifts, so that I may tap into my big purpose.

This diagram shows all of that. Allow me to explain. Some of the variables that are not clear in the diagram, which I may include in a future, updated word diagram on purpose, are feelings and faith. What you do, how we act and express our will is seen in the three words right under the title, proactive, accept and resist. Then unspoken, there is also how we feel, which is in itself the topic of my next workshop outside of my intuition monthly workshop. There is also what we believe. These two other facets of mind do shape our purpose, and in the workshop we explored these together. The diagram is a bare bones look at purpose. In it we see the essential kinds or types of purpose that we can experience.

For example, in the small/personal square, family is expressed. Here my purpose is to be a Dad. I have accepted this purpose since I was a young man, and lived in it with all my heart (passion), and my faith (beliefs). Though I was not aware that my purpose is to be a Dad, I did the best I could, and gave my all to both my son, and my role as his Dad. The idea that this role was my purpose came later after my second son was born. The details are my story, and I encourage you to come meet me for that. Now that I know being a Dad is my small purpose in life, I can accept  and use my proactive expression of Will to be the best dad I can be for my second son. I get joy and great passion as I live in acceptance of my small purpose.

The other small kinds of purpose at the social and spiritual expressions, offer me support in my small personal purpose of being a dad. As I look forward with purpose in my mind, and start to accept my medium purpose, my creative expressions, which I have diligently continued to express in a small, personal way, are accumulating. Being proactive in my community, backed by my strong beliefs in the power of love, I start to accept my medium purpose of being a leader and healer.

What about the large purposes though? We talked about the fact that most people do have a medium purpose, and a small one too, but that few people in any generation actually express their big purpose. Our collective and cultural struggles are in accepting our purpose, both medium and small. The small need that proactive attention, otherwise you may take your family for granted, or your community and your beliefs. Proactive in that case means to actively seek ways to be loving to your family, community and God. This is speaking to the ideal environment too. I am not talking about people who have to first resist their own family as they grow up with abuse and shame. Nor is that addressing those who have to resist their own communities because of fearful and hateful beliefs. I point this out because we notice that the large purposes are under the influence of the will expressed as resistance.

The reason that so few humans find their large purpose in life could be because of how resistance, as an expression of will, is mostly used to get the self away from negative energy. Two negatives make a positive, for the individual struggling with the negative in a personal or social way, and negates the potential for expressions of a large purpose.  But in an ideal world, which many people are getting closer, or close enough to having, resistance becomes a catalyst for personal, social and spiritual change. Here the will resists the reality of both social and spiritual pasts, and begins to offer alternative ideas and beliefs that can transform culture and people. Here we see the geniuses of the world changing dogma and ignorance into knowledge and awareness. We also see the prophets of God revealing truth and growth towards love and unity for humanity.

There is a group of people in the world who have hard, excluded lives. We have always had these people, and when asked about them two thousand years ago, Jesus said you will always have the poor and sick, do not be troubled by them, but have compassion for their suffering. Allow God’s love to shine through the peace and rest you offer to the poor, lame and ill. This is a large purpose, because for one, it is a minority. Thank god for that. And then also I am sure that having this purpose would be resisted. To be able to accept your own disabled, very ill or lame, or homeless life is hard, maybe rare. When people do accept their reality, even this kind of purpose, then love shines, and people are blessed by their destitute lives too.

No matter what your purpose is, acceptance is best. I believe, through the process of presenting to real people and hearing their own responses to this workshop on purpose, that as we accept our small purposes in life, and live them with love and faith, then more purpose will be revealed. Through the process of living in a state of proactive purpose, our lives become a conduits of the expression of the feelings you choose. Your purpose is shaped by the reality that you can love or fear life. We are each raised up in both love and fear, this is a reality. As we become adults though, we grow into the ability to choose, we have the faculty of choice. There are many kinds of choices too, small daily choices, and medium seasonal choices or large generational choices, but the two main choices are between love and fear. Our purposes either blossoms and bares fruit in the nourishing power of love, or it withers and bares no fruit in the decaying power of fear.

Although culture is changing, we are still living in a society that has for generations feared feelings because of their potential pain felt. We have also been taught archaic beliefs that have blocked our freedom to choose our faith. Our purposes, as expressions of the human mind, have been for a long time stymied and stunted. Only the really wilful, intelligent and courageous have been able to move beyond the simple lives that have been doled out by the state and church. I am happy to realize that I live in a privileged state of abundance and freedom. I am claiming my medium and big purpose now. I have nurtured my gifts for decades now, and I am resisting the social and spiritual dinosaurs of my past. As I give myself to my community and God, I trust that my purpose will be seen. I look forward to serving you all in leading a community of mental health and healing. Offering people alternative and excellent options for inner growth, healing and personal expression of their purpose.

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