Someone very close and dear to me asked me recently what does my email signature mean. For those of you who have never received an email or looked, the signature reads: Anarchy is Love being Human. I am going to take a moment to answer that question in writing.

Taking the philosophers’ voice, lets ask some questions about the words in that phrase first. We will deal with Anarchy last, as that is the enigma in the phrase. Love though is a beautiful topic, and I never hesitate to discuss the nature and virtues of love. What is Love? “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in [T]hi[e]m.” I John 4:16b That is the simple yet ironic answer, because who knows what God is. So words fail us a bit here, and I ask that you read all of this with a sense of how perception works. Its very important in understanding the basic drive of this phrase, Anarchy is Love being Human. God is thought of in some circles as Love, thus that phrase could be written: Anarchy is God being Human. That leads us logically to the next question.

What is Human? This too is a huge word, and I may be stretching a bit the meaning of the word in this phrase, but with the poetic license of rhetoric, I believe it is still true. “Human”, here can mean society, civilization, social structures and even communities. What I am getting at here is that being Human is a collective of humans being, keep written records of their existence and on goings, have leaders and followers, and are a social being. Thus, humans are social.

“Being”, is a verb, and speaks of action, praxis, and movement. It also seems to mean things like natural, real, authentic and the energy of being who you are. This word in the phrase is a connector, and brings together the words from the first and the second part. Thus anarchy, which can be understood as love (and we will discuss this next), is a natural human expression on a social level.

Which brings us nicely into the discussion of Anarchy. This is where many will stop reading, because the rest of this will be about the dreaming of anarchy. In the phrase Anarchy is Love being Human, Anarchy is a social system. This society is small, not like cities, though they can exist in cities. The first thing you need to understand about anarchy is that it is not localized, centralized or fixed. Because of the nature of its true expression, it cannot have a true leader, so the need for small is innate in the true nature of Anarchy’s expression. I have no number here about the maximum size of a social system that anarchy can be in either, but if someone wants to research this, it would be the exploration of knowledge in a pioneering spirit, and I would fully support you.

The next thing that Anarchy is, is Love. There was an introduction of what love is above, when I quoted the Bible, saying that God is Love. This is a big step still, but really, the expression: Anarchy is God being human on a social level, is similar to what Christ or Buddha were on a personal level. Since God is love, then the true and natural expression of Humanity, as a social being, is Anarchy, in the sense that Anarchy is a social system that exists as Love.

You see the circle there? We have God, which is love; and Christ, being a human on a personal level, who is Love; and Anarchy, which is Love being Human on a social level, which is Actually God on a Social level through association with Love. That is the circle of Spirit through matter, man and society.

We may have more levels of evolution still to explore, but we are now here at this cusp where the individual expression of love and God is evolving into the social expression of love as God. Thus, Anarchy is Love being Human.

There is a sub-topic here, that I am not taking on here and now, which is best seen in this phrase: laws are based on fear and the inability to take care of yourself on a collective level, like social entities. If you want more please send me an email and ask.

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