Let Love Rule in the Age of Light

By, Chris Russell

Love is like light. It is all around us. We respond to love with consciousness as we grow into self, other and collective aware beings. Our individual (and collective) responses to love shapes the being(s) we are.

Imagine if plants could choose to avoid light, and ask yourself what a plant that fears light will look like. Now imagine that people can avoid love, and ask the same question. I think the answer is fairly obvious. People who avoid (or are denied) love will become stunted, weak, unproductive and will die a premature death. Also, since humans are self conscious participants in life, avoiding love is not just damaging to the individual soul but to all the collective and all of life.

In contrast to that is how I imagine us living as we accept love with open minds, hearts and arms, thriving as beings of light and love. I believe we can do anything in life that we choose as we learn to focus our minds on, hearts into, or our hands upon that which we desire. This is not some kind of magic incantation or spell, nor is it a new technology or scientific invention. This is the power of love guiding our intentions, leading our motivations and softening our drive and passion. With enough time too, anything can be done in the name of Love. This is the beauty and majesty of being a human. We are eternal*, so if we do not kill ourselves, if we can evolve consciously and realize that our mistake now is doing things for money instead of for love. When we begin to act with love in our hearts, love on our minds, then our hand will create and do anything and go anywhere.

*Eternal is not immortal, and we as individuals are mortal. This is a gift, the death and rebirth cycle, and an important part of our divinity. Our eternal nature comes from the fact that we have use of language, and can naturally store knowledge. Intelligence and the creative spark combined with language and knowledge makes the self aware being eternal. I am eternal because I know the idea of eternity, and my ego takes that concept personally, thus I am and we can be eternal. Now I know that I am not my body or mind, thus what in me is eternal? This paradox comes from the mistaken notion that I am my body and mind. I am eternal, I am love, I am creative and intelligent. I am defining my self as more than my body and mind, I am transcending this personal self and have become a divine self. I am choosing this by the grace of God, I feel gratitude and in my new self of eternal consciousness, serve Love.It is simply a matter of our shifting our individual attention from money,competition, power and ego to love, creativity, gratitude and community.

With this shift in consciousness, humanity will enter the Age of Light, or the Light Age. We have gone through many different ages and eras, but never have we been moved nor guided by Love as a society. This will be an age of beautiful potential with possibilities beyond what the scientific age offered us; in that age we were still learning about ourselves and our interactions with our physical and psychic realities.

The information age is amazing too, but will pale in comparison with the way we will share and continue to grow in knowledge as we grow into the Light Age. I am hopeful that we will be able to achieve this shift in consciousness before it is too late. I don’t really know when that is either, but certainly our continued existence as an expression of life on this planet– in this galaxy, is in danger of self extinction. We are possibly going to annihilate our collective lives if we don’t change soon.

How do you help in ushering in this new light age? It’s simplicity is explicit, yet it’s difficulty is real and makes this simple task into a life changing journey. One that will likely pull you from the driving force of society. But its got to be done, and there is no shortcut or alternative way to this shift in consciousness. We each need to change our attention, focus and drive from money, gain and our individual self to love. Everything we do must be for love; everything we say needs to be touched by love. Our desires and motivations must be the expression and expansion of love. We must also be open to love, allowing love to be felt and shared with each other. No judgment of our love nor of other people’s love; just a steady acceptance of love.

Love in the Age of Light will build up trust and respect among people. Our endeavors will be healthy and expansive to our environment. All things in society will change as we change our goals from the monetary system to the exchange of love. You can’t steal love, so that kind of crime will disappear. You can’t force love, so those kinds of crimes will also disappear. Health is stronger and healing is easier when in love, so the health care system will change too. We are all one people and love demonstrates and lives this fact, so governments, military and religion will all become obsolete systems of control. People can’t lie or cheat in love either, so the court system with all their lawyers and judges will change too. Police will become a thing of the past as love will be the buffer between and joining all people; what is there to enforce in a society that is based upon the full and free expression of love?

Poverty too will disappear, as we realize that sharing what we have with each other is easier, wiser and more productive than it is to hoard foods for me or us only. Love teaches us that there is enough for everyone, and that we all deserve a share of what you need to live: food, water, shelter and love. All things will change in a society that is guided and leads by love. Even the education we give to our young will be different. Knowledge, information and tools for monetary success will not be the focus of our education in the Age of Light. Instead human potential and creativity as seen in the genius of science and artistic expression will be the focus. Discovery, exploration, imagination and curiosity will be taught in schools, while reading, writing and mathematics will become the tools of this education and not the focus nor drive of what we are learning and teaching in the education system. In this Age of Light, peace will be the norm, not war.

Peace will reign because nations that love each other have no reason to go to war with each other. Again, you can be a participant in this change by taking that radical step out of this system, and begin to do all things in and for love. Let love rule you, then money can’t; let love guide you in life, then chance won’t; let love move you, so that you are not reacting in fear. In all you say and do, believe and hope let love be your motivation and base from which you go out into this world.

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