Today, I reconnected with a new friend. He called me to ask about my kismet stones, and discovered something he had never imagined. We share a passion for growth, and higher vibrations. He has just started an independent home based business too, in servicing people’s electric bikes. He is excited about what I am doing in mental health services, offering my gifts for what people decide is their value. I push myself to always do my best, and this effort pays off with people giving them more value. Cash is used to settle this exchange in valuable services. No receipt, no false promises, only honest, loving care in the latest, most modern mental wellness and emotional healing services available.

We were talking about all kinds of things, but always about this autonomous community that lives to serve others, not to make money, profit or gain. We see the abundance and freedom that we have, the safety to live and move freely, to work and earn a living doing what you love. We seek only to live a humble life in this great nation. Offering our services in whatever we can, and asking for what they are valued by the person whom we are serving. In gratitude we recognize our responsibility to live meaningful lives, to serve with love our gifts and talents, honed and perfected through practice and study, with those who seek it.

In that conversation today Nick told me the answer to one of my recent questions to God. I have been asking what else I need or can do to attract more people. He told me that when people feel that they are actually a part of something, that their participation is needed and important on a bigger than themselves level, then people will want to come. His telling me the truth, being honest in his sharing with me, told me in new words what I have already known. Each person in the collective is important and has their unique role to live at the Wellness cafe. I saw today that I do not know what your role at the wellness cafe is, but I want to explore that with you. There are a number of different ways to do that, and I invite you to look around and choose which one or more methods suits your personality. The depth and purpose of your participation is yours to discover. Join, and participate in creating a conscious, self aware, being that transcends your own existence. Become a part of the collective that is the rebirth of Anarchy today.

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